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Is your transmission slipping gears or leaking fluid?

Signs of slipping gears include sudden loss of acceleration, a high RPM, or difficulty shifting gears. One cause could be leaking transmission fluid. Continuing to run your car with a leak can cause serious internal damage. Lack of acceleration is a dangerous situation and it should be addressed promptly. It can not only damage your car, but also put you in harm's way. It may be your clutch causing issues as well.

Has your check engine light come on?

The check engine light can light up for various reasons, but it is a valuable early warning sign that your transmission needs attention. If your light comes on, bring it to us and we can read the code and tell you what is triggering the warning light.

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Does your transmission grind, shake, whine, or hum?

A transmission that is noisy in neutral might only need more transmission fluid. One that shakes or grinds while shifting gears may need parts replaced. Whatever your transmission sounds like, bring it in for a diagnostic evaluation. We will explain what is causing the noise and what will fix it.